Lighting Control Systems in Richland Hills

24-7 Electrical Services installs lighting control systems in Richland Hills!Lighting quality is an often overlooked aspect when building or remodeling a home, or selecting lighting for a business. Lighting control systems provide the ability to regulate the degree and quality of light in a certain space. This control can enhance space and save energy. 24-7 Electrical Services offers the expertise to provide your home or business with a lighting control system.

Keeping Your Electrical & Lighting Systems Working

Considering high energy costs, the desire to cut energy costs is understandable among homeowners and business owners alike. Consequently, the demand for innovative, energy-efficient solutions in lighting control is a popular goal in both the residential and business sector. Lighting control systems provide the management of lighting and energy use via intelligent sensors that assist in the automation of lighting and other smart appliances and electronics.

Lighting Control Systems offer significant benefits, including:

  • Controlling the level of brightness
  • Security
  • Changing color to reflect temperature
  • Automation

A lighting control system is a network of components installed by our Richland Hills electricians that enable communication between the systems for managing input and output of lighting. Examples of components may include light control switches, occupancy sensors, photocells, relays, and touchscreens. In addition, integration may include other devices and systems such as fire alarms, computers, smartphones, tablets, appliances and even HVAC systems.

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